Frenchie Corner® Rooster Hoodie
Frenchie Corner® Rooster Hoodie

Frenchie Corner® Rooster Hoodie

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Frenchie Corner® Rooster Hoodie

Do you consider your Frenchie for your morning rooster who wakes you up in the earliest dawn? The Rooster Hoodie will make your pup unique, spotted, and warm.

  • Made of cotton
  • Hand or machine washable in cold water
  • Decorated with a rooster’s comb and beak
  • High cut on the belly
  • Ideal for chilly spring and fall days

Why we love it?

Whether you are searching for an extra layer that will make your dog warm, or a fancy piece of wardrobe, this hoodie will become your favorite pick.

We adore the Rooster Hoodie because it’s soft in touch, comfy, and warm. Your little batpig will catch everyone’s eye and become the main star of the neighborhood. The hood is emblazoned with eyes, comb and beak, while there is also an inevitable Rooster’s tail placed on the dog’s back. If your Frenchie likes to show off, this is the perfect opportunity to put him in the center of attention.

Size chart:

You cannot miss it!